I work on Ubuntu:14.04 64bit desktop, the django app is based on 1.8.2, and the docker image I use is also Ubuntu:14.04

Install Docker

wget -qO- | sh

test it:

sudo docker run hello-world

An additional step:

sudo usermod -aG docker your_ubuntu_username

So you don't need the annoying sudo for docker anymore.

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Question 2: how will nginx and staticfiles works with docker?

Question 1: how to connect database if I don't want to hardcode the ip, username, password?

enter running container

docker exec -it CONTAINER_NAME_OR_ID bash

run cmd in running container:

docker exec -it CONTAINER_NAME_OR_ID python collectstatic --noinput



Run debug site

docker run -v /var/www/wxweb:/var/www -v /src/wxweb:/src -p 8000:8000 --name wxweb wxweb:v3

RUN python syncdb --noinput && python migrate --noinput && python collectstatic --noinput

docker build -t wxweb:v3 .

docker rm `docker ps --no-trunc -aq`